Top 11 Startup Blogs & Websites for Entrepreneurs

Top 11 Startup Blogs & Websites for Entrepreneurs

1.   TechCrunch

-          TechCrunch is a media company that is obsessed in profiling startups and provides up to date news on emerging companies.

2.       Andreessen Horowitz

-          Ben Horowitz is a cofounder of Andreessen Horowitz which is probably the most popular VC firm in the world. Ben shares his thoughts on a variety of topics for entrepreneurs. If you want to learn more then read his book The Hard Thing About Hard Things. In this book he discusses his own story of founding and running companies. Ben goes in depth and shares his struggles and stress from meeting deadlines. Definitely worth a read if you have time.

3.       500 Startups

-          500 Startups is a leading venture capital fund. They manage hundreds of millions of dollars of assets.

4.       Forbes

-          Forbes is a prestigious business publication that produces online content and events. Forbes is Headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey. The company profiles entrepreneurs, companies, and billionaires.

5.       Both Sides of the Table

-          The blog is written by an entrepreneur and venture capitalist who is a partner at UpfrontVC in Southern California. UpfrontVC is one of the largest active early stage funds.

6.       Reddit

-          Reddit Startups is a platform to discuss company problems and solutions.

7.       Neil Patel

-          Neil is a marketing genius. If you are starting a business then you should tune into his blog. He frequently provides Search Engine Optimization tips to boost your search ranking on Google.  Neil advises Fortune 500 companies in order to help grow their revenue.

8.       The Gust Blog-Startup Funding & Investing

-          Gust is an online platform for early stage finance from pitch to exit. The platform helps entrepreneurs connect with investors.  Learn from investors and entrepreneurs by reading the blog.

9.       Alley Watch-The Pulse of NYC Startups and Tech

-          Alley Watch is the largest organization for New York Tech Startups. Learn about tech news, jobs, and events.

10.   CB Insights

-          CB Insights tracks emerging industries and disruptive startups. If you want to be an entrepreneur and you care about data then signup for CB Insights Newsletter.  

11.   Smart Recruiters

Smart Recruiters is a HR company blog about a variety of HR topics. The blog also provides articles on startup concerns and tech news.

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