Frequently Asked Questions


What Type of services do you provide?

Currently we provide Social Media Management, App Development, UI/UX Design, Animations, Cinematography, Photography, Web Development, Graphic Design, Analytics, and Ads.

How much do you charge for App Development or UI/UX Design?

For app development we charge anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000 depending on the complexity of the project. The UI/UX Design costs average a few thousand dollars.

How much do you charge for cinematography and photography?

We work with organizations and we charge a few thousand upwards to tens of thousands. It all depends on the budget, location, and time frame.

How long does it take to develop a website?

It depends on the workload.

What Type of Ads are you familiar with?

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads.

What Social Media Channels are you familiar with?

We are familiar with all major social media channels.

Do you provide voice over in animation videos?

Yes we provide voice over in our animation videos and there are a variety of options.

Why should my Social media be managed by a marketing firm?

Time is a factor and time equals money. We can take that burden of social media away and provide you with more time to focus on other pivotal tasks. 

Why should we choose Smartlytics?

We have been using social media since its inception. We have knowledge on all the major social media platforms. Our animation production is the highest quality compared to other firms.  We know how to run ad campaigns based on your budget and needs. We provide the best app development, UI/UX design, cinematography, and photography services. So if you want smart results then choose Smartlytics! 

What type of Videos do you provide?

There are two forms of video which are animation and whiteboard. We also provide high quality cinematography and photography for organizations.

How Long does it take to make Animation Videos?

It depends on the amount of work, but typically it can take a week  to make high quality videos.

How Long are your ad campaigns?

In order to have optimal results it is recommended to attain our services for at least a few months to see progress. With best results within a year or more.

Why should I have video?

Video increases brand exposure because people are visual consumers. Several studies show that over 90% of people find that product videos are helpful in the decision process.    

Why are your costs high?

Our costs are typically less than having your own marketing department. If your organization  has a marketing department it has to have a budget for salaries and benefits. These are broken down by Social Security, 401K/403B, Healthcare, Pension, Time Off, and others. Those costs add up significantly and can easily go into six or seven figures for a department. 

Where is Smartlytics located?

We are located in the Greater New York City Area, but we are available throughout the United States.

What Type of graphic design do you provide?

We provide graphic design on Instagram Posts, Instagram Stories, Facebook Posts, Logos, Facebook Covers, Snapchat Geofilters, Infographics, Email Newsletters, YouTube Thumbnails, YouTube Channel Art, Twitter Posts, Twitter Headers, and many more.