9 Habits of Billionaires

9 Habits of Billionaires

1.       They Wake Up Early

-          Richard Branson wakes up at 5 am everyday because it gives him time to get on top of things and plan his day effectively.

2.       They Embrace Failure

-          Mark Cuban said in an interview on Shark Tank that he was fired from three straight jobs. Then on the Thrive Global Podcast he mentioned that people have to try a lot of career paths while they are young because he believes every one of us is really good at something. Furthermore, he elaborates and says that when you are in your early 20’s failure doesn’t exist.

3.       They Are Positive

-          They are driven by a vision and not people. People can be very negative in life and if you let that pessimism infest your mind then your dreams can be deterred in another direction. Jack Ma was rejected multiple times from the Ivy League. He applied to KFC in China and was rejected.  He didn’t give up and eventually started one of the most successful ecommerce businesses on the planet.

4.       They Hardly Watch Any TV or Movies

-          The average American watches around 5 hours of TV each day that could include streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. If you add all that up throughout the year you get almost 80 days! The 80 days could have been used for starting your dream venture.

5.       They Don’t Gossip

-          Time is money. Billionaires don’t waste time gossiping instead they focus on innovating or building different businesses.

6.       They Read Daily

-          Warren Buffet spends a lot of his day reading and reads around 50 books a year. The industry he is in he has to know new market trends in order to be ahead of the curb.

7.       They Live a Healthy Lifestyle

-          Mark Zuckerberg says, “Staying in shape is very important, doing well requires energy, and you just have a lot more energy when you’re fit.”

8.       They Give Back

-          Recently Jeff Bezos developed a two billion philanthropic fund to combat homelessness in the United States. Another entrepreneur that is doing great charitable work is Bill Gates. With his foundation he has helped millions of people fight disease.

9.       They Invest

-          Elon Musk helped build PayPal and then sold the company. With the money he received from the sale to eBay. He started three companies: Tesla, SpaceX, and Solar City. He invested into his business. Many people spend the money they receive from their paychecks on materialistic things. Rarely people invest in themselves in order to grow businesses. You wonder why many haven’t started businesses because they were afraid of failing. With that mindset they will never be entrepreneurs and will be stuck in the rat race until their last breath.

A Quote to Ponder:  “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”-Thomas Edison

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