5 Best Heat Map Platforms for Small Business

5 Best Heat Map Platforms for Small Business

1.      HotJar

-          Hotjar is one of the more recent analytics tools designed to help marketers better understand their users. The platform helps visualize how users engage with your site. This is done by interactive heat maps which tracks and records where your users are clicking.



2.      Heatmap.me

-           Analytics platform where user interactions are captured whatever the user's location, browser or OS. They are sent over to the cloud, and instantly displayed on your screen, right on your website. All this happens in real time and with a simple JavaScript tag on your website.



3.      MetricBuzz

-          The MetricBuzz.com is about website reports, web development, SEO webmaster tools, usability reports, E-Commerce tips, content creation strategy, marketing articles, small business marketing tools and much more.



4.      Crazy Egg

-          Crazy Egg Snapshots are visual reports that let you see how your visitors are engaging with your web pages. They are a "snap" to run, and easy to understand. Watch real people move through your site. You'll see exactly where they get stuck and what they really want to do. Use Crazy Egg A/B Testing to see exactly how your changes impact your business.



5.      Smartlook

-          See your website through your visitors’ eyes. Visitor recording is always on, which means you’ll catch every visitor that comes to your page. Watch replays to discover what your visitors interact with and what makes them leave.


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