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Vladimir Prokopchuk, Founder & CEO

Our CEO is a graduate of Columbia University and self taught marketer. Vladimir's journey started when he immigrated with his family at a young age from Lviv, Ukraine to the United States. Prior to arriving in the United States his family stopped in Bratislava, Slovakia for one night. Then the family made their journey to Vienna, Austria where they lived for a brief period of time in an apartment on Ferdinandstrasse.

Moreover, one evening the family took a train through the majestic Alps and arrived in Rome. Vladimir lived for several months on Via Cilento between Via Nomentana and Via Monte Maloia. His grandparents supported the family by selling at the bazaar. After living in Rome, the family made their way to New York City. His family arrived in 1990 on a cool March evening at JFK airport with nothing, but clothes on their backs. The family had to adapt to ever changing conditions and settled in New Jersey. They sought out work where ever they could. Vladimir's family persevered against all odds and laid a foundation for others.

They believed with hard work and patience anything is possible.  With this mindset Vladimir has had a variety of experiences that span being an academic mentor at a university to advising multiple high level officials at the United Nations. Vladimir has been familiar with marketing since a young age. His entrepreneurial ways started in elementary school by flipping things then selling those items at a higher price to his classmates.

Some of the lessons he learned from his family are directly applied to his work and personal life. On a personal level Vladimir is always about growth. Learning is essential in his life and he does it frequently by reading, networking, being involved in fitness, and traveling. He created Smartlytics because he wanted clients to obtain smarter results.

Many brands spend too much on entire marketing departments. Expenses for marketing departments run deep. These expenses can include: salaries, bonuses, health care plans, pensions, social security, 401K/403B, and time off. With Smartlytics we are your Chief Marketing Officer. You don't have to worry about managing social media, creating elaborate animation videos, developing complex apps and UI/UX designs, professional cinematography and photography for your organization, clean web development, knowing who your audience is with analytics, or running ad campaigns. Smartlytics gives you more time and saves you more money. Be Smart Choose Smartlytics!

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